Who is Carl?

Carl is a self-appointed local hero. He loves his city and is always on the lookout for good things and specialities. What he doesn‘t like is plastic and Amazon. Poorly made pizza can also ruin his day. 

In our interview, he tells us what is important to him and why local shooping is simply the best.

petit connaisseur*: Hello Carl, it‘s a pleasure to have you here with us today.

Carl: Hello ladies, glad to be here.

petit connaisseur*: Carl, you are a local hero in Vienna. Why do you speak English?

Carl: Well, that‘s very simple. Because I want everyone to understand me. Not only people who love to shop in great stores here in Vienna, but also the lovely guests from all over the world who visit us here and want to shop in Vienna.

petit connaisseur*: Why is „buy local“ so important to you?

Carl: There are so many great stores in the City to go shopping. I love walking the alleys and constantly discovering new things. I can‘t understand why someone orders on amazon. I mean that Jeff Bonze….

petit connaisseur*: …You mean, Jeff Bezon.

Carl: Yeah, Yeah,Yeah, whatever…what about him? Does he look better than me?

petit connoisseur*: uhhh, no.

Carl: Word!….However, he has now sold the store anyway. But this shop still doesn’t pay taxes here! That‘s unbelievable! Therefore there’s only one thing to do: Local Shopping!

petit connaisseur*: What is the point of becoming a local pro? 

Carl: Well, first of all, the person who’s joining me is incredible mega cool. What else! And beside the coolness factor, you will experience the city in a completely different way. And the best of all, you get to meet a lot fo nice, great people. You can also get the really ‚good‘ stuff in these small shops. You just have to keep your eyes open. For example with the petit connaisseur* newsletter!

petit connoisseur*: WOW! Thanks. Carl, thank you for your time and for being with us.

Carl: Ladies, it‘s been a pleasure. (Laughs, twinkle-twinkle) Can i say one more thing?

petit connaisseur*: Yeah, of course.